Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ghana Business Names

I spent three weeks travelling in Ghana this spring and found it a challenging difficult wonderful exciting country to travel in. And I was on tour with a great group. We travelled with Explore Travel based in England and travelled by bus throughout the country meeting great people, enjoying the landscape, and even meeting a few elephants along the way.

But, one of my favorite activities for the whole trip was recording the names of the businesses we saw along the highway, in towns and cities. Ghana has a strong religious basis and it uses text from the Bible to create names that we might find jaw dropping, funny, laughable - but which they use without a hint of irony.

Here, in no other order except that in which I saw them and wrote them down, is a very long list of business names. Even though it is a long list, I think you'll find them fascinating and need to read all the way through - hey some of the best are in the middle and then there are the ones at the end.

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Business Names in Ghana

By His Grace Cosmetics and Boutique

Joy Spot Catering

Anointed Fast Food

Work Hard Photos and Video Network

God First Battery Service

Only Believe Floral Works

Riches of Glory Guest House

In His Time Living (Housing estate)

Miracle Child Academy

Bed Time Hotel

All Shall Pass Enterprises

Showers of Blessings Enterprises

God Is Good Electrical

His Mercy Seat Ventures

Pillar of Rock Ventures

Kastic Furniture – In God We Trust

Fear Not Phones

Except God Enterprises

The Lord Is My Shepherd Beauty Salon

Jesus Cares Carpentry Shop

Once Upon a Time Funeral Home

Beloved Child Computer Academy

Seek Ye First (Mat 6:33) Supermarket

Run For Your Life Int. Chapel (international? or interment? which do you think?. I didn't know.)

Pentecostal Church and Herbal Prayer Centre

Stomach Has No Holiday Food Shop

Good Name is Better than Riches Cosmetics

No Jesus No Life Supermarket

Dependable God Store

Up Lord Engineering Shop

God’s Time Is The Best Auto Engineering

Holy Child Circumcision

Prince of Peace Cosmetics

Only Jesus Can Do Fashion

God First Fast Food

God’s Pencil Business Enterprises

God’s Signature No Eraser Enterprises (What Is Written Is Written)

Over To God Enterprises

Patience to All Car Wash

Divine Providence Cosmetic Shop

God Is My Helper Saloon (Beauty Salon – not bar!)

God Is Love Furniture

God’s Gift Dress Making

Let There Be Light Electicals

God Has Done Computer Services

Jesus Is Soon Coming Enterprises

In Him Is Life General Store

Christ In You Barbering Shop

Allah Is The Answer Supermarket

No Way Electricals

Lion of Judea Metal Works

Knock and Ask Shoe Enterprises

Lord Winners Investment

Dr. Jesus Fast Food

Holy Ghost Power (Electrical)

Passover Chop Bar

Fishers of Men Electricals

Jehovah’s Newest Co. Ltd.

God is King Razor Wire and Furniture

My God Key Service

Jesus Power Provision Store

Divine Favor Venture

Romans 8:35 Enterprises

God Peace Electrical and Construction

Holy Ghost Workshop

Papa Yaw Corpse Decoration Services

Let There Be Food Cold Storage

Powerful God Business Centre

Trust God and I African Wear Shop

Don’t Go There Enterprises

Ancient Power Electrical Services

Great Wisdom Book Shop

Blessing and Living Baby Diapers

God’s Way Metal

Jesus Is Evergreen Ltd.

OD Mortuary

Jesus Cares Multiventures

Noble Character Enterprises

Thank U Jesus Fitting Shop

In Him Is Life Electrical Repairs

Heaven’s Gate Funeral Home and Morgue

God Is Good Concrete

Mercy Love Beauty Hair Care

By His Grace Fashion Centre

I Promise Furniture Works

Ultimate Glory Hardwares

Let Bygone be Bygone Beauty Salon

Welcome to Israel Barbering Shop

Loaf Of Life Bakery

My God is Able Enterprises

Ave Maria Beauty Shop

God Will Provide Fitting Shop

God Is In Machine Shop

Last Hour Washing Bay

Messiah Motors

The Lord’s Casket Furntiure Construction Works

Hotel Messiah – A Glimpse of Heaven

Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital

God Is Alive Tailoring Shop

Jealous Transport Services

By Faith We Make You Look Great

Grace Faith Fashion

Relax Jesus Is In Control Unit Transfer

With God All Things Are Possible Beauty Salon

AWAKE! Internet Café

Try Jesus Digital Photo

Maple Leaf Chemists (this one is just for Canadians)

God Will Do Welding

Thy Heart’s Desire Beauty Salon

Future Ladies Beauty Shop

God’s Time Drums

Seek Jesus Keycutting Service

Peculiar Child Academy (We Are Different)

Virgin Kids and Junior High School

The Blood of Jesus Fitting Shop

God Is Grace Communication Centre

God is Able Enterprise

Excellent Faith Enterprises

Holy Child Forex Bureau

Steps to Christ Enterprises (Annex)