Sunday, February 07, 2016

Quito again (2)

After our visit to Baños we returned to Quito to meet up with our friend Marje. We have travelled with her before and can say that we have met up and travelled together on 5 continents. 

Here's Marje in the lobby of our hotel which is much more upscale than Igor's Hideaway. It's the San Francisco de Quito and is only a few blocks from the main plaza of the city.

Here's the outside of the building with our entrance along the right side, not at the corner. It began life as a stable, apparently, but has grown and been added to a great deal from its beginnings in the 1700's. 

Our room key - and the symbol of the hotel. 

We are on the second floor overlooking the courtyard. It can be a little noisy when there are groups about, but right now we are sitting here and it is very peaceful. 
You are looking at our room - from the door on the right and encompassing all three windows. It's huge. Our first room was a lot smaller but Geordie asked to be moved when he realized there was a shop blaring music across the street (which is pedestrian only). 

Here's a lovely picture on one of the hotel walls. 

And the cave where we eat our free breakfast - which has been badly overcooked scrambled eggs, (every day), fresh fruit and interesting fruit juices - strawberry, blackberry, watermelon

We climbed to the highest floor in our hotel and got a view over the roof tops. 

We stopped at the San Francisco Plaza again yesterday. And popped in for a visit. 

It really is over the top. 

Outside the main Cathedral Geordie found a brass band and a hat seller. 

Marje and I did a trek, via taxi, to a very large house museum which houses the Guayasamin Foundation. Guayasamin is one of the pre-eminent modern artists of Ecuador. He came from humble surroundings - his father was a taxi driver and construction worker. The house was designed by Guayasamin's brother. Obviously they escaped their roots. 

We couldn't take pictures inside the house or the gallery, but this mural was on the outside plaza. 

And this picture was in the men's bathroom. The pictures are a representation of life under the heavy fisted regimes of South America. A lot of pain. 

We three took a walk to an area called La Ronda. It's not far from our hotel but down a steep hill to a narrow alley with restaurants the full length. The waiter at our restaurant took this picture on the out stairs patio. Note the Winged Virgin. 

And under this archway, a trio of musicians.