Sunday, May 14, 2017


We are on the road again - this time back to Spain where we are going to explore the northern coast and I am going to walk part of the Camino del Norte - 6 days on the path, then a meeting with friends in Santiago, and another 4 days walking with them to Finisterre - the end of the earth 

And again, a photo essay or two to give you a flavour of the journey. 

A full moon somewhere over Northern Canada as we set forth. 

And we arrived in Bilbao - where the cathedral is appropriately the Cathedral de Santiago. 

Santiago himself overlooks the parishoners as they come to pray in the Cathedral. 

I picked up my Credencial for the Camino at the Cathedral, so I'm ready. I will collect "sellos" (stamps) so I qualify to stay in the albergues along the route. 

A shop window where great legs of ham (jamon) wait to be sliced and served. 

The train station from whence we will take our first train on the way. (Next stop - San Sebastián). 

With an amazing window inside. 

And here a sight that can bring joy to the hearts of many a Newfoundlander. Salt cod just waiting to be bought, soaked and cooked for a memorable feast. This cod is from Norway, not Newfoundland. 

A public library reading room in Bilbao. 

A starter for our first menu del dia. Stuffed eggplant and a seafood paella. 

Tapas and wine. 

We took a trip downriver which meant we got a great view of the Frank Gehry designed Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. 

These giant shiny idealized tulips are by Jeff Koons and sit on a plaza outside the museum. 

 Another Jeff Koons creation - the iconic Puppy, covered in plants, mostly pansies right now. 

Geordie found a camino directional sign which gave him a chance to show off his "boots of Spanish leather". 

And I found some wool which is destined to become my knitting project when I begin my walk. The colours of the yarn above reminds me of the Spanish flag. 

Look for more blogging as we move along. Until then, Ultreia! (A traditional greeting on the camino which means Onward!)


  1. Lovely as always to follow your trails.

  2. Great to see you travelling again. I hope you took a peak at the Richard Sera room in the Guggenheim, they are stunning sculptures.

    The college accross the river from the Bilbao Guggenheim just by the Calatrava bridge (Yes, they did hire Starchitects around...) offers a great little cafe.